Google and Samsung’s Battle for Bluetooth Tracker Supremacy: Here is What to Expect

Google and Samsung Battle for Bluetooth Tracker Supremacy

It’s a fantastic time to be a gadget enthusiast, especially now that various manufacturers are rushing to provide different markets with fantastic stuff. This time, the race is for the two as Google and Samsung are set to unveil their latest connected Bluetooth trackers.

Over the years, we have seen various consumers adapt to these innovative gadgets because they can locate lost items using Bluetooth signals emitted by other devices. 

Here in Kenya, currently, our market is dominated by Apple’s AirTag, Tile, and Samsung’s SmartTag, the upcoming releases from Google and Samsung are expected to shake things up. 

 Google is reportedly preparing to launch its first-ever connected Bluetooth beacon, codenamed “grogu,” at the Google I/O 2023 conference on May 10th. This tracker is expected to use Google’s Pixel devices as a detection network, leveraging the growing success of the Pixel lineup to offer a competitive service.

Not to be outdone, Samsung is allegedly developing the SmartTag 2, a second-generation SmartTag. The SmartTag 2 is anticipated to be presented at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event in August and will have upgrades like longer battery life, more robust signal and range, and new privacy capabilities.

Comparing the upcoming Trackers

Little is known about Google’s upcoming tracker, but its reliance on the Pixel ecosystem suggests it might provide a seamless experience for Pixel users. If Google can capitalize on the unique features of its ecosystem, the ‘Grogu’ tracker could be a formidable competitor in the market.

It is anticipated that Samsung’s SmartTag 2 will solve some of the drawbacks of its predecessor. It needs to be clarified whether the new SmartTag will maintain the original’s exclusivity with Samsung items, which was questioned when it debuted. The SmartTag 2 is additionally anticipated to provide enhanced SmartThings connection, making it even easier for customers to track their things.

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