Android 14 Beta 1 Unleashed: Exciting Features and Enhancements Await

Android 14 Beta 1 now available

In an exciting development for Android enthusiasts and developers, Google has released the first beta of Android 14 after two developer previews in February and March. This public beta is now easily accessible to anyone with a compatible Pixel device through the Android Beta website. This article will take you on a whirlwind tour of the new features and improvements introduced in Android 14 Beta 1.

Joining the Android 14 Beta 1 program is now a breeze. Users with a supported Pixel device can enroll at the Android Beta website. Once registered, the device will receive the Android 14 Beta 1 update over the air (OTA). If you’re already participating in the Android 13 QPR Beta program, your device will automatically receive the Android 14 Beta 1 update.

Google’s Android 14 Beta testing schedule indicates another beta release in May, followed by two “Platform Stability” releases in June. These releases are similar to Release Candidates, which allow developers to finalize their apps and updates based on the stable platform.

New Features?

One of the critical improvements in Android 14 Beta 1 is the enhancement of gesture navigation. Users can now see a prominent back arrow while interacting with apps, making it easier to understand and use the back gesture. The back arrow’s design also complements the device’s wallpaper or theme.

Android 14 Beta 1 allows apps to add custom actions to the system share sheets that they invoke. Additionally, the system uses more app signals to determine the ranking of direct share targets, aiming to make them more accurate and valuable for users.

Building on the per-app language preferences introduced in Android 13, Android 14 Beta 1 further refines this feature. Users can now dynamically customize the languages displayed in the per-app language list. Keyboards will also be aware of the UI language of the current app, potentially allowing for auto-switching of input languages based on the app context.

In Android 14 Beta 1, accessibility services can only access particular views if explicitly designed to help users with disabilities. This limitation is enforced by Google Play Protect for apps available in the Play Store, ensuring better security and privacy.

How To Install Android 14 Beta 1

To get Android 14 Beta 1 on your Pixel device, you can join the official beta program or manually install it. Users already running Android 13 QPR3 beta will automatically receive the update to Android 14 without any additional steps or enrollment in a separate program.


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