Samsung Galaxy A54 Takes on Google Pixel 6a: Which Mid-Range Smartphone Reigns Supreme?

Pixel 6A vs Galaxy A54

The Pixel 6a smartphone from Google and Samsung Galaxy A54 have established themselves as worthy rivals in the competitive mid-range smartphone market. Both provide distinctive features and powerful performance at a reasonable cost.

 You can use this comparison to choose which smartphone is best for you.

 Design and Build

The Galaxy A54 and Pixel 6a boast compact designs, with 6.4-inch and 6.1-inch screens, respectively. While the A54 is slightly wider and less thick, the Pixel 6a’s lighter weight makes it more pocket-friendly.

Samsung leads in design with its glass back and Corning Gorilla Glass 5, compared to the Pixel 6a’s plastic finish and Glass 3. Both devices offer IP67 waterproof certification, a welcome feature for accident-prone users.

 Display Quality

Display quality is dominated by Samsung’s A54, which has a brighter screen and more accurate colour than the Pixel 6a. Compared to Pixel 6a’s 755 cd/m2 and 77% of the DCI-P3 colour spectrum, the A54 offers a maximum brightness of 1275 cd/m2 and 127% of the DCI-P3 colour spectrum.

With a 120 Hz refresh rate, the A54 further extends its advantage over the Pixel 6a by offering a smoother user experience.

Software and Support

Choosing between Samsung’s One UI 5.1 and Google’s Pixel Experience (Android 13) comes down to personal preference, as both offer fluid interfaces and unique features. Samsung’s support, however, outlasts Google’s with four years of Android updates and five years of security patches, compared to Google’s three years of updates.

Camera Performance

With its 12.2 MP primary sensor, the Google Pixel 6a outperforms the competition regarding camera performance, producing more vivid and detailed photographs. Both phones perform similarly when taking ultra-wide angle photos, with Samsung favouring colour purity and Google concentrating on scene improvement.

The Pixel 6a’s Night Mode excels in low light, capturing more detail and vibrant colours than the Galaxy A54. The Pixel 6a also performs admirably in portrait mode because of Google’s skill at producing a gratifying depth-of-field look.

Performance and Battery Life

The Google Pixel 6a, which has the same Tensor chip as Google’s premium Pixel 6 and 6 Pro models, outperforms the Galaxy A54 in terms of performance. Both devices function well in daily use, but the Pixel 6a is the superior gaming option because of its higher benchmark ratings.

The Galaxy A54 takes the lead in battery life, lasting over 12 hours compared to the Pixel 6a’s 10 hours(from both manufacturers). Charging times are slower for both devices, with the A54 requiring 82 minutes and the Pixel 6a taking two hours to charge fully.

Price and Value

The Samsung Galaxy A54 retails at KSh48,999, while the older Google Pixel 6a has dropped to KSh48,000 on Gadgets Leo. However, the Galaxy A54’s longer support, superior display, and longer battery life may justify the higher price tag for some users.

Which one should you go for?

In the mid-range smartphone market, the Samsung Galaxy A54 and Google Pixel 6a provide enticing features, but their advantages cater to various consumer tastes. The Galaxy A54 is superior for its outstanding display, battery life, and modern style. However, the Google Pixel 6a is the best option if camera quality, processing speed, and a lower price are more important factors. The decision between the Samsung Galaxy A54 and Google Pixel 6a will ultimately come down to the user’s particular requirements and preferences. In their respective price categories, both smartphones offer outstanding value and are guaranteed to suit a variety of users.

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