Nokia G11 Plus Receives Android 13 Update, Enhancing Security and Features

Nokia G11 Plus Security update

Nokia has rolled out the Android 13 update for its G11 Plus model, delivering on its promise to provide users with the latest operating system features and improvements. The update includes themed app icons, a photo picker, notification permissions, new media controls, and the April 2023 security patch, providing a more secure and user-friendly experience for Nokia G11 Plus owners.

The Android 13 update for the Nokia G11 Plus has firmware version V2.420 and requires a 2.4GB download. The rollout has already begun in India and is expected to reach other markets soon. Users can manually check for updates by navigating their smartphone’s Settings menu.

The Android 13 update brings numerous features and enhancements to the Nokia G11 Plus, including:

  • Themed app icons for better personalization
  • A photo picker to streamline media selection
  • Notification permissions for improved control over app alerts
  • New media controls for easier media playback management

April 2023 Security Patch

The update also includes the April 2023 security patch, addressing several vulnerabilities in the Android operating system. According to Google’s official Security Bulletin, the most severe vulnerability is a critical security flaw in the System component, which could lead to remote code execution without additional privileges or user interaction. This severity assessment is based on the potential impact of exploiting the vulnerability on an affected device, assuming that platform and service mitigations are disabled or bypassed.

Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 are the remaining devices that have yet to receive the Android 13 update but are expected to receive it soon. As Nokia continues to prioritize timely updates and security patches, users can look forward to a consistently improved mobile experience on their Nokia devices.

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