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Top Selling iPhones In Kenya and their prices

iPhone 13 128GBKSh104,499
iPhone 14 128GBKSh117,500
iPhone 14 Pro 256GBKSh167,000
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GBKSh158,700
iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GBKSh184,000

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iPhone FAQs

  • Which is the best iPhone to buy right now?

    The best iPhone you can buy right now is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, with that said, all iPhone models are pretty good and you will be quite comfortable with any iPhone that fits your budget and needs.  Believe it or not, different iPhones suit different people, the latest and greatest may not be necessarily be the best for you.  If you love small phone, the Pro Max will likely not to be the best iPhone for you. That is why we highly advice you to go read reviews as well as check out YouTube videos before finally deciding what to buy.  Feel free to talk to us when you finally settle on the iPhone model that you think is best for you.

  • Do iPhones come with adapters?

    In 2020, Apple decided not to ship phones with adapters.  So, simply put, iPhone do not come with charging adapters. All iPhones manufactured after 2020 do not come with charging bricks. You should only expect a phone, charging cable and documentation when you unbox you new iPhone. Luckily, we have Apple charging bricks here on Gadgets Leo, just incase you need one.

  • What is Siri and is it available on all iPhones?

    Siri is a virtual Assistant by Apple that is available in all iPhones. It is also available on TvOS, MacOS and WatchOS. This assistant is just like Google Assistant, Bixby by Samsung, and Alexa by Amazon. Siri can respond to your question as well as help you give voice commands to your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Do iPhones have good battery life?

    Although iPhones have smaller batteries compared to their competitors, latest iPhones have very good battery life. This is because they are equipped with chips that are efficient as far as power consumption is concerned. Long gone are the days when iPhones had a bad reputation because of battery life. The Pro Max phones are known to outlast other competing phones in terms of battery life.

  • Are all iPhone models compatible with Airpods?

    All iPhone models are compatible with the Airpods, including the latest Airpods Pro 2. However, there are certain features of the Airpods that are not compatible with iPhone 6 Plus and below.  Some features of the Airpods require iPad OS 13 or iOS 13 and above to work.

  • Which is the cheapest iPhone in Kenya right now?

    The cheapest iPhone in Kenya right now is the iPhone SE 2 64GB currently selling at KSh55,200 on Gadgets Leo.  This phone comes with Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, 4.7 inches display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB storage and a 12MP rear camera.

  • Which operating system run on iPhones?

    All iPhone run on Apple iOS operating system.

  • Is iOS better than Android?

    Most experts argue that that iOS is smother and faster than Android.  This can also be attributed to that fact that iPhones are equipped with very powerful processors that make everything run smoothly.

  • When is the next iPhone coming out?

    The iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 are expected towards the fourth quarter of 2023. Apple is expected to launch a bunch of cool devices alongside these phones.

  • iPhone Prices in Kenya

    iPhone Prices start from as low as KSh 25,000 for a refurbished iPhone 6 unit and goes all the way to KSh 300,000 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1TB storage. See our latest iPhone prices list below.

    iPhone Price List In Kenya 2023

    iPhone 14 Pro MaxKSh171,000
    iPhone 14 ProKSh154,000
    iPhone 14KSh117,500
    iPhone 14 PlusKSh128,500
    iPhone 13KSh104,499
    iPhone 13 ProKSh133,999
    iPhone 13 Pro MaxKSh148,500
    iPhone SE 2022KSh55,200
    The iPhone is one of the most popular lines of smartphones, not only here in Kenya, but around the globe. This line of phones has been very popular since it was announced in 2007 by Steve Jobs. iPhone is a product of Apple. Since its inception, Apple has been launching new iPhone models annually with improved hardware and software features. We currently waiting for the iPhone 12 series. The iPhone runs on the iOS operating system. Gadgets Leo is one of the best places to buy genuine iPhones in Kenya. All iPhone models sold by us come with at least a 1-year warranty. Feel free to buy any Apple products from us and we will do our best to deliver within a short time. All prices are in Kenya Shillings.

    Best iPhone Shop in Nairobi

    If you are looking for the best iPhone deals in Nairobi, look no further. We have the best deals on Apple accessories as well. Get a brand-new iPhone with Apple warranty at the best price in Kenya on Gadgets Leo. iPhone accessories in stock include screen protectors, Cases, Airpods, Watches, fast chargers, Camera protectors and more. All these are available at best prices.

    Latest iPhones In Kenya

    The latest apple products are available on Gadgets Leo. We have iPhone 14 Pro Max, 14 Pro, and 14. We also have iPhone 13 series phones in stock. If you are looking for older iPhone models, we can also get you a new one with Apple warranty at the best price in Kenya.

    iPhone Accessories in Nairobi at best prices

    An iPhone is not complete without its accessories. We have all your favorite accessories in stock. So, whether you are looking for an iPhone Case, Screen Guard or Magsafe charger, you will find them here on Gadgets Leo at the most affordable prices. Apple Watches, and Airpods are also available

    iPad, MacBooks and more also available

    Gadgets Leo is a one-stop shop for everything Apple. Buy macbooks, iPads, Apple TV, Magsafe Battery, MacBook chargers, Homepods and more at best prices.

    Refurbished iPhones

    If you are looking for refurbished phones in Kenya, you are at the right place. iPhone 11 series, iPhone X, iPhone XR. IPhone XS and the iPhone 8 Series are all refurbished iphones. These are factory grade refurbs that can serve you for a long time without any problems. Refurbished devices are always significantly cheaper than new ones. If you want to get into the iOS world but you don't have lots of money to spend, you can buy a “clean” refurbished iPhone from us.

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