Although it’s never our wish, we understand that some gadgets may be returned. If your product malfunctions within the warranty period, or malfunctions after the warranty period, we can help you out. However, keep in mind the fact that the warranty does not cover the display for most phones.

How to cancel an order

If you decide to cancel an order that has not yet been sent to you, don’t hesitate. Just call us or send a text message.  If you placed an order for a particular device and but you have changed your mind and decided to choose another device, do not think twice about calling us.  We can change the order to what you want.

If you already paid for a product and you no longer want it, feel free to talk to us. We are always ready to exchange or offer a refund.

How to return a product

If you have a faulty or damaged product, you can return it to our shop in Nairobi. Our shop is in Veteran House, along Moi Avenue.  Feel free to call 0743 167 157 for directions.

If you are outside Nairobi, you can send it back to us via express courier.  Just call us and we will tell you exactly what to do to ensure the product gets back to our shop fast and safely.

What do I do if you ship a wrong product?

This rarely happens because we always call customers to confirm orders.  But it can happen due to human error. If you happen to receive the wrong product, send it back to us immediately. We will send back the right product as soon as possible as well as cater for any additional costs.

Can I return a product without proof of purchase?

Well, we have our records but still advice you to keep the proof of purchase for your own safety.  It is the only thing you can use to prove you bought a phone from Gadgets Leo.  If you want to return a product but can’t find the receipt, please talk to us.