Here is what we know about Google’s upcoming gadget, the Pixel 7a

Pixel 7a launching soon

Picture this: a smartphone that provides flagship-worthy features at a price that doesn’t make your wallet cry. That’s what the Google Pixel 7a aims to deliver. As we eagerly await its official unveiling on May 10th, let’s dive into everything we know about this mid-range marvel that could potentially redefine value for money in the smartphone market.

The Pixel 7a is anticipated to have a somewhat more significant form factor than the Pixel 6a, with dimensions of 152.4 x 72.9 x 9.0 mm and a diagonal screen size of 6.1 inches. The Full HD+ 1080p AMOLED display will remain, but there will be a much-needed increase in refresh rate to 90 Hz, providing a smoother scrolling experience. Another helpful inclusion is the under-display fingerprint reader, which offers frictionless authentication.

The Tensor G2 chip, developed by Google in partnership with Samsung and found inside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, is most likely to make its way into the Pixel 7a. Although it might not be the quickest SoC available, its strength lies in its ability to process photos and AI, ensuring your smartphone experience stays responsive and fluid.

The Pixel 7a is expected to have 8GB of Memory, a significant improvement above the 6GB that its predecessor provided. In the past, Google only offered one storage option for its A-series smartphones. The base model will probably start at 128GB, but recent reports indicate that we might see additional storage options for the first time.

The Pixel 7a will be up to date right out of the box because Android 13 is pre-installed. To keep your device secure and up-to-date for years, Google has also committed to at least three significant OS updates and five years of security fixes.

The Mid-Range Camera King?

The Pixel line-up from Google has long been known for its excellent camera performance and competitive pricing. The Pixel 7a is anticipated to carry on this tradition by replacing the dependable 12 MP Sony IMX363 sensor seen in earlier generations with a potent 64 MP Sony IMX787 sensor. Although this sensor is frequently seen in Chinese smartphones, Google’s software enhancements will distinguish the camera on the Pixel 7a.

According to rumors, the Pixel 7a’s secondary camera will be a 12 MP Sony IMX712 with a vast field of view for photographing those breathtaking vistas. Although some claim that a different Sony IMX712 might be utilized instead of the front-facing camera’s 8 MP sensor, that seems unlikely.

Battery Life and Charging

The Pixel 7a’s battery capacity may slightly increase to 4,500 mAh, and Google may continue with the 18 W wired charging standard to retain its conservative attitude. However, the Pixel 7a might feature wireless charging for the first time in the a-series, albeit at a modest 5W.

The Google Pixel 7a has the potential to revolutionize the mid-range smartphone market with its combination of formidable specs, a gorgeous camera, and the assurance of guaranteed software upgrades. Its affordable price could further solidify its status as a top competitor for people looking for a high-quality smartphone without paying for a flagship model. Lets wait and see what this phone has in store as we continue waiting for the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro.

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